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15 DIY Rain Barrels You Can Make Yourself

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Well this one was coming up as trending so I guess you are all out there trying to harvest your own rain water. If you are on the Homesteading trend then you will love this excess water for all your plants and vegetables too.

So what is a rain barrel? 

A rain barrel is a container used to collect and store rainwater runoff from rooftops, typically via a gutter system. These barrels are equipped with a spigot at the bottom, allowing users to access the stored water for various purposes such as watering gardens, lawns, or indoor plants. Rain barrels are eco-friendly and help conserve water by harnessing rainwater that would otherwise flow into storm drains. They are commonly used in residential settings to reduce water consumption and reliance on municipal water supplies.

Can I drink water from my rain barrel?

Drinking water directly from a rain barrel is generally not recommended unless it has been properly treated and filtered. Rainwater can pick up contaminants from various sources such as roofing materials, debris on the roof, or air pollution. Additionally, bacteria and other microorganisms can multiply in stagnant water, especially in warmer temperatures.

To make rainwater safe for drinking, it should be properly filtered, treated, and tested to ensure its quality meets drinking water standards. This typically involves installing a comprehensive filtration and purification system designed specifically for rainwater harvesting.

However, rainwater collected in a clean and well-maintained rain barrel can be suitable for non-potable uses such as watering plants, cleaning outdoor surfaces, or washing cars. If you’re considering using rainwater for drinking or cooking, it’s best to consult with a water treatment professional to ensure it’s safe for consumption.

Why should I harvest my own water? Using harvested rainwater for tasks like watering plants or washing outdoor surfaces can lead to lower water bills, especially for properties with large outdoor spaces. Over time, the savings on water usage can offset the initial investment in rainwater harvesting systems.

So how hard is it going to be and what do I need? 

To make a basic rain barrel for collecting rainwater, you’ll need the following supplies:

  1. Barrel: Choose a large, food-grade barrel with a tight-fitting lid to prevent debris and mosquitoes from entering. Common options include plastic drums or barrels typically used for shipping food or other materials.
  2. Screen: Use a piece of fine mesh screen or hardware cloth to cover the opening of the barrel. This will help filter out leaves, twigs, and other debris from the collected rainwater.
  3. Gutter System: Install a gutter system on your roof to direct rainwater into the barrel. You may need additional components such as downspouts, elbows, and brackets to ensure proper drainage into the barrel.
  4. Overflow Outlet: Create an overflow outlet near the top of the barrel to prevent overflow during heavy rainfall. This can be a simple hole drilled near the top of the barrel, fitted with a PVC pipe or hose to direct excess water away from the foundation of your home.
  5. Spigot or Faucet: Install a spigot or faucet near the bottom of the barrel to allow for easy access to the collected rainwater. You can purchase a standard hose bib or faucet kit from a hardware store and install it using a drill and wrench.
  6. Sealant: Use waterproof sealant or silicone caulk to seal any gaps or openings in the barrel, particularly around the screen, overflow outlet, and spigot.
  7. Tools: You’ll need basic tools such as a drill, saw, wrench, and measuring tape to assemble the rain barrel and make any necessary modifications.

These are the basic supplies needed to create a simple rain barrel system. Depending on your preferences and local regulations, you may also choose to add additional features such as a diverter to channel clean water into the barrel or a filter to improve water quality.

Below we have included a list to 15 tutorials, choose a tutorial that suits the looks size and skills you have.

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