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10 Trending Exterior House Colors for 2023

You might expect bold, vibrant house colors to dominate for , but that's not the case. Many of the years' trending exterior paints are neutral, with lots of whites, creams, and grays on the list. Outside of the typical neutrals include matte black and mid-toned blues.

Here's a look at the ten most popular exterior for 2023 from some of the top paint brands.

1. Sherwin-Williams Alabaster

Sherwin-Williams Alabaster
Photo: Elizabeth Eason Architecture LLC

Sherwin-Williams  Alabaster (SW 7008) has been a fan favorite for many years. It's a popular interior color and just as prevalent on exteriors. Alabaster is a bright white with a warm undertone, keeping it from feeling stark. It pairs well with most colors, including the popular Tricorn Black.

2. Sherwin-Williams Repose Gray

Sherwin-Williams Repose Gray
Photo: Coastal Signature Homes

Repose Gray (SW 7015) is a warm shade of gray. It's a calming neutral that gives a house warmth without being overpowering. In the picture above, Repose gray is paired with Alabaster trim. It also pairs well with Eider White if you want less contrast.

3. Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray

Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray

Sherwin-Williams Agreeable Gray (SW 7029) is a light gray with a beige undertone. It's a neutral color that you can pair with cool or warm-toned accents. Extra White and Incredible White are top trim choices for an Agreeable Gray house. It also works with black accents and stone siding.

4. Benjamin Moore Black Satin

Benjamin Moore Black Satin
Photo: lundlife

For a moodier home exterior, consider black paint. Benjamin Moore's Black Satin (2131-10) is a rich, neutral black that pairs well with many colors. For a dramatic look, you can use black for your siding and trim or contrast it with a lighter color like Cloud White or Classic Gray. To add warmth, consider accents in Benjamin Moore's Northampton Putty.

5. Benjamin Moore Dragon's Breath

Benjamin Moore Dragon's Breath
Photo: jvehovsky

Benjamin Moore's Dragon's Breath (1547) is a deep brown with a gray undertone. It can give your home a moody look while still being neutral – perfect for those who prefer dark house siding. It pairs well with Chantilly Lace, Sweet Spring, Steam, and Jute from Benjamin Moore.

6. Benjamin Moore White Dove

Benjamin Moore White Dove
Photo: growlandscapes

White Dove is one of the most popular Benjamin Moore white exterior paints. It's a neutral off-white that looks clean but less stark than pure white. You can pair it with nearly any color accent, although top picks include Benjamin Moore's Balboa Mist, Kendall Charcoal, Revere Pewter, and Country Redwood.

7. Behr Perfect Taupe

Behr Perfect Taupe
Photo: Behr

Taupe is a classic exterior paint color that never goes out of style. It's a popular pick for 2023, with Behr's shade Perfect Taupe (PPU18-13) topping its list of recommended exterior paints. Taupe is brown with a cool undertone and pairs well with cool-toned trim. Possible accent colors include Behr shades Peppery and Black.

8. Behr Riverdale

Behr Riverdale 
Photo: Behr

Behr's Riverdale (N410-3) is a light silvery blue that works well for coastal, country, and traditional-style homes. It can give your home a soft look and is a good alternative for those who want a light color but don't like white. Pair it with a white accent color like Behr's Polar Bear to continue a delicate look. To create more drama, use a bolder color such as Calligraphy, a deep blue, or Royal Orchard, a dark green.

9. Behr Adirondack Blue

Behr Adirondack Blue
Photo: Behr

Behr's Adirondack Blue (N480-5) is a medium blue color. It has a gray undertone but is still brighter than most of the year's popular exterior paint choices. You can pair it with Behrs Calligraphy blue for low contrast or a cool-toned white for higher contrast.

10. PPG Commercial White

PPG Commercial White
Photo: mungo

Among the top interior and exterior paint colors from PPG is Commercial White (PPG1025-1). Rather than being stark white, the shade is a pale gray tone. You can accent it with dark gray, cool-tone browns, or black. One of the top accent colors to go with Commercial White is PPG's Black Magic.


These are the top 10 trending for 2023. From classic whites to bold choices like matte black and coastal blue, there is a color to suit every style and preference. Whether you prefer a neutral and look or want to make a statement with a bold color, these trending colors will help you create a stunning exterior for your home.

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