Why Floral Prints Are Taking The Design Community By Storm

Why Floral Prints Are Taking The Design Community By Storm

People have been using floral prints for the past few decades and it’s easy to say that wallpaper is one of the top trends for home interior decorating. Over the years, many different floral designs have been used for wallpaper and there’s now a wide variety of dainty, bold, contemporary and classic floral designs available to suit all tastes and budgets. Florals also work well in interior design when used as prints on furniture, rugs, curtains and fabrics.

These days wallpaper doesn’t need to be a struggle to hang. Wallpaper peel and stick is one of the latest trends that isn’t going to be out of fashion for a while, not least as it makes it much easier for anyone to apply to a wall.

There are many subtle ways in which you can incorporate a floral print into your home through the use of wallpaper. Perhaps there are corners of the house that need a little retouching and redoing and could be revived with the use of wallpaper. Floral wallpapers are suitable for nearly every room be it a baby’s nursery, bedroom, living room or even a bathroom.

Peel and stick wallpaper makes decorating a breeze

Choose subtle colours to make the furniture in the room stand out, or dark and moody for a dramatic look.  Many stores have collections of floral wallpapers, plus some companies have options to allow you to customize a wallpaper according to your liking, by choosing your own colour palette.

Types of floral wallpapers to choose from

Vintage flora wallpaper from Love vs Design

floral peel and stick wallpaper might be the best option for you if you are looking forward to redecorating your home in the easiest way possible There are a wide variety of botanical wallpapers that can give your home a new look, whether in vintage, modern, or contemporary style. Pretty realistic blooms on a neutral background can help bring a cottage core vibe to your home, whilst modern florals on dark backgrounds can bring drama into a dining room.

If you romanticize a simpler lifestyle and want to keep your decor simple and elegant, a minimal floral print would be ideal. You don’t need to have it on every wall either – a single statement wall can work well.

Spring field peel and stick wallpaper makes decorating your home much easier

Floral wallpapers can help bring nature into your home, which is great if you’re not blessed with any outdoor space.

Wallpaper isn’t just an option for walls – if you think outside the box, you can use it creatively to decorate anything. For example, furniture like wardrobes, shelves or cupboards can be given a new dramatic look with peel and stick wallpaper.

With the wide variety of floral prints and designs available, it’s safe to say that florals are a trend that’s here to stay for some time.

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