Warm Interior Decor With Comforting Soft Forms

Warm Interior Decor With Comforting Soft Forms

Comforting soft curves and a melt of warm monochrome tones make up these two reposeful modern interiors. Tactile curves form the main furniture pieces and focal light fixtures create a soothing and peaceful setting for all that daily life has to bring. Our first featured home design takes us on a journey of marble, rugged stone and wood slatted texture, easy natural colour tones and chic designer touches. Our second home tour is an elegant and spacious modern abode with a real focus on comfort. Cushiony soft lounge furniture, a roaring modern fireplace, three restful bedroom designs, and a dreamy artist’s lounge will make you never want to leave.

Designer: Sver Studio
Visualizer: Grigoriy Obolenskiy

Our first home tour takes place in a soft, minimal apartment. A simple, modern curved sofa
design is set opposite a pair of complementary curvaceous lounge chairs


A large, round coffee table gives the light monochrome lounge arrangement a solid core. Two elegant pendant lights descend over the table at differing cable lengths to create interesting layers.


The large area rug cuts a textured graphic pattern into the layout.


The modern tufted chair design is the Little Petra lounge chair designed by Viggo Boesen for &Tradition.


A slender brass floor lamp makes an understated metallic accent by the creamy greige sofa.


A wooden muxarabi screen divides the lounge from the hallway whilst allowing light share between the two zones. A modern wall light causes a subtle glow in the home entryway, illuminating a decorative wall mirror, modern pouf, and an April side table by Alfredo Häberli for Nikari.


Modern wall sconces complement the styling of the floor lamp in the lounge. Wood slatted wall panelling, a rugged stone hearth and luxurious marble make up a beautiful feature wall with an integrated bookcase.


A reflective gold side table lustres in the window light.


A modern globe lamp adds a chic sculptural element to the metallic table.


In the kitchen diner, curved back dining chairs are widely spaced around an oval dining table to create an open and airy feel.


Two dining room pendant lights light the length of the oval table from under subtle, shallow white shades.


The seat fabric of each upholstered dining chair is a match for the sofa and chairs in the lounge, creating one cohesive, calming palette.


A unique faucet places a luxe gold accent within the natural wood and stone one wall kitchen design.


Moving on into the master bedroom, we find that wood slatted panelling has been employed to fashion a statement wall behind the platform bed.


A winged headboard design curves toward two modern bedside tables
with rounded silhouettes.


Textural wardrobe doors instil a wonderfully natural feel into the bedroom scheme.


A bedroom pendant light hangs low over the hourglass bedside table, bringing reading light close to the pillows.


A wide window opens up views of the city, thickly framed by wide linen drapes.


Over by the window, an unusual chair and ottoman set, a small side table, and a paper lantern floor lamp make up a comfortable bedroom reading area.


A stone console table serves as a book ledge, beneath modern sculpted wall art.


The characterful lamp beside the comfortable reading chair is the Akari 10A floor lamp designed by Isamu Noguchi for Vitra.


One large illuminated vanity mirror fills the bathroom with atmospheric light. A modern double sink bathroom vanity
stretches out underneath it.


More mood lighting spills from the base of the contemporary vanity unit, highlighting its contrasting ribbed and smooth wooden finishes.


An hourglass-shaped decorative vase brings curves to the linear, stone countertop.


Illumination from the vanity mirror falls brightly upon a gold faucet at each basin.


Warm, taupe coloured marble encases the bathroom, evoking a restful vibe. A frameless shower screen leaves the marble expanse uninterrupted.


Golden bathroom vanity lights tumble toward one end of the unique vanity unit, balancing out a gold towel warmer at the opposite side.


Visualizer: V – 小主 小主

As we enter our second warm and comforting home design, we discover more soothing curves under mellow monochrome. A large area rug sets down a soft base for the conversational seating arrangement. The TV may be hung pride of place in this room, but the chairs and sofa positioning tell us that interaction is key in this cosy home.


Round coffee tables appear drawn into the curved sofa’s embrace.


The pillowy soft lounge chairs look as though they would cause whoever sits in them to succumb to sleep.


The dining room, whilst restful in colour, takes on a festive feel under a string-light style chandelier.


The unique dining room chandelier stretches the length of an unusual concrete table with a looped leg design.


The rustic furniture plays down the dramatic pendant.


A casual foliage arrangement tops the table.


Sheer white voiles billow in the bedroom, where a cushioned floor bed design dominates a split level floor plan.


An open doorway leads from the sleeping area into a huge walk-in wardrobe.


A wet bar is installed at the foot of the bed, elevating the sense of luxury.


White decor gives a dreamy artist’s lounge an ethereal air.


Orange accents add an unexpected jolt of hot colour inside the second bedroom. LED strips highlight a built-in home workspace by the bed.


Burgundy and sky blue accents colour the final bedroom in this home, where a modern desk capitalises on natural light from a small window.

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