Three Ideal Features for a Designer Bedroom

Three Ideal Features for a Designer Bedroom

If your sleeping space is overdue for an upgrade you might be looking at ways in which you can create a designer-style bedroom in your home. However, there are so many options available when it comes to choosing wall coverings, wardrobes, lighting and flooring that the actual decision-making process can feel somewhat overwhelming.

If you are looking to create a designer bedroom with minimum fuss, here are three easy ways in which you can achieve an upmarket effect in your room.

Light in your Bedroom

There are two types of light that you should consider when designing your bedroom: natural and artificial. A key aspect to consider here is the principal function of your bedroom, as the majority of activity in this room will take place at night.

This means that the ability to block out natural light during the early morning and evening hours is something you need to consider. Black-out roller blinds are the ideal solution -providing a sleek, stylish addition to the bedroom and are functional as well as fashionable. Plus, they can be installed in any colour and made to fit windows of any size.

Interior lighting comes in an array of styles. Spotlights on a dimmer switch are popular for a stylish look and feel, allowing you to transform the room from a bright area to do your hair and make-up, to a subtly-lit abode for a cozy romantic evening. For rooms with high ceilings, a statement piece such as a chandelier may also be used to great effect.

Bedroom Wall Coverings

Designer bedrooms tend to involve bold patterns, using a single feature wall or a chimney breast as a statement feature. Choose plain neutrals for the majority of the walls and wallpaper a single space to create a genuine wow factor. Alternatively, if you find the concept of bold wallpapers too garish for your tastes, why not choose to make a feature of poignant artwork in chunky or ornate frames?

Bedroom Fitted Furniture

For a minimalistic look, designer-fitted bedrooms are ideal when creating a clutter-free space that boasts a great deal of storage. Sliding doors are in vogue right now, as the sliding motion allows you to add more to your room without having to take into account door-swing space.

For a stylish designer room, combine wooden furniture with full-sized mirrors for a sensational effect.

Whatever you’re project you should always seek a professional’s help whether you need a domestic or commercial interior designer will be dependent on your project, but both should have ample knowledge in all areas of design.

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