The Advantages of using Electric Curtain Poles

The Advantages of using Electric Curtain Poles

Window treatments can be the perfect finish to any decorated room. Whether it’s roller blinds, curtains or shutters, a room is never complete without them. However, if you do decide to go with traditional curtains, one way to ensure that you impress neighbours and visitors is to install electric curtain rails. Not just because they save you all that time and effort opening them, but because they are the perfect addition to any living room, kitchen or bedroom.

The curtains are driven across an electronic track that can open and close them whenever you need. This can be done through the use of a remote control. A clever device that can see you open your curtains whilst in the comfort of your own bed and begin the day feeling that little bit more special.

The curtain poles come with a digital display that is easy to navigate and just as easy to fit to the wall in a convenient spot. By using this display, you can set the curtains to open and shut at any time of the day, meaning that the curtains will open once the sun is rising and close when it begins to go down. This will not only mean that your level of privacy is increased but also your security. When out and about, you can rest assured that your empty home will look occupied as all curtains are closed and burglars are deterred.

Light sensors are just one benefit of the curtain poles. Some models will also have a temperature sensor, others are able to conserve energy as they are solar-powered.

Installing electric curtain poles is not as hard or tedious as it may seem. In fact, installing the systems is just as easy as fitting traditional window fixtures. The need for tools is kept at a minimum and all poles come pre-wired, saving you the bother of tackling electrical wiring and equipment. The motorised rail can be mounted above any fitted window, just as a manual one would, and the curtain can be added to the loops. Simply plug into an electrical socket, outlet or hardwire to a power source. Your new electric curtains are now ready to be used.

These rails are built with endurance in mind. When on holiday or on a night out, a person doesn’t want to be worrying about their home being on display to potential intruders. Instead, they want the peace of mind that these poles will continue to work without excessive maintenance. These electric curtain rails are, or should be, guaranteed to work up to 15,000 times before repair work is needed. Meaning yet another weight lifted off your mind.

Comfort, security and luxury are what any homeowner strives for. By investing in these electric curtain rails you can wake up each morning to the sun shining, without even leaving your bed. The cost of such a device isn’t unreasonable either.

This is a guest post by Nicola Winters, on behalf of Poles Direct

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