People In This Group Are Sharing Decor Ideas That Improved Their Homes 100% (113 Pics)

People In This Group Are Sharing Decor Ideas That Improved Their Homes 100% (113 Pics)

LOADS of pictures in this post – sure to give you some inspiration!

There’s one thing we’re sure of—nobody was born an interior designer. Yet, that shouldn’t stop you from creating your dream home. Even if you lack skills or don’t have a big budget, there’s plenty that you can do to design a warm and inviting place for you and anyone that comes along.

Just take a look at the Home Decorating subreddit. Members of this community are sharing some of the best before-and-after pictures of how they turned their dull living spaces into Insta-worthy settings. Presenting a variety of cool ideas and projects, this page has something for every taste.

For your daily dose of inspiration, Bored Panda has taken some of the best posts this subreddit has to offer. Continue scrolling and upvote your favorite ones!

#1 Small, But Tall Laundry Room. Before And After

Image credits: JadeR86

Since its creation in 2011, more than 466K members have joined this online group, proudly sharing their projects and giving out tips and tricks to help others with theirs. Whether it’s putting a little something on the shelf, doing a small bathroom remodel or a huge house makeover, there’s plenty of stunning home transformations out there.

For many people, home decor starts with a few new pieces, others may go to greater lengths and repaint their walls but members of the Home Decorating subreddit go all in, doing complete makeovers of their dusty old rooms and awakening the DIYers in us. Even if you’re not looking for inspiration for your own project, it’s at least a feast for the eyes.

According to a survey by OnePoll on behalf of Puffy, more than 70% U.S. residents were planning to make a significant change in their home decor. It may not have happened by choice, since the pandemic lockdowns and lack of activities left loads of time for thinking and inspiring people to invest in makeover projects.

#2 Just Completed – A Micro Office I Created From A Really Junky Hall Closet

Image credits: TheTiniestOffice

More than 2000 people were surveyed and asked about their plans, styles and decor pieces they were thinking to get for their future dwellings. While one could guess that the desire to make such changes comes from the “new normal” of working remotely, adding new functions to people’s homes was not the top reason for redecorating, nor was the change of scenery.

People started to crave more luxurious items and wished to create a safe refuge from the chaos around them. The majority of the respondents said that when it comes to decor, they underline the importance of coziness. Many are planning to do that by incorporating both timeless and modern elements into their interior—smart furniture (34%), natural elements (31%) and colorful statement art (28%).

#3 I’ve Been Wanting To Replace These Boring White Builder Grade Tiles For Years. Finally Decided To Just Stencils Them.

Image credits: Tiny_Link_7075

#4 I Designed And 3D Printed These Vases

Image credits: collarstayson

Whether your home is due for an update or you just want to breathe new life into your space, there are lots of creative decor trends and styles to try out. If you’re planning to take your project to a whole new level in the upcoming year, there are a few tips to consider before designing your room.

First, remember that you’re not going to complete transforming the entire room, not to mention the house, overnight. Avoid buying things like a whole furniture set that would only result in your place looking cluttered. Don’t try to make your room look like something from a furniture store catalogue and remember that it should be unique, look natural and reflect on who you are as a person.

#5 Quite Proud Of This Before And After For My Hallway

Image credits: dunco__1

#6 Bathroom DIY Upgrade. Before And After

Image credits: slh1983

Next, if you decide on a theme, don’t overdo it. Thinking of a concept for your room is a good idea but it’s easy to go overboard with it. If you wish that your room would have a tropical mood, getting wallpaper, sheets, rugs or even furniture with little palm trees on them might result in it resembling a bizarre theme park.

Remember that trends have a tendency to come and go. It’s better to keep the theme subtle and include little decor pieces that could be easily changeable in the future. This also helps to make sure that your room does not end being monotonous and unoriginal. After all, personalized room decor is exciting to see, so don’t be afraid to experiment with it.

#7 Bathroom After And Before

Image credits: coyotemagi

#8 Our House Glow-Up!

Image credits: theemmybean

Most importantly, don’t rush into buying all of the furniture, fluffy pillows and little knick-knacks in one day, especially if you’re on a budget. It’s best to get the statement pieces first and see how it feels to have them. Then, take time to choose the accessories you think would serve both function and aesthetics, and let the interior grow over time.

#9 My Attempt To Hide The Old Air-Conditioning Unit

Image credits: Immediate-Nothing-46

#10 A Little Before And After!

Image credits: booiscaredy0u8

If you’re afraid that you lack skill and your decorating ideas will mess up the whole room, don’t be! It is something that you can learn over time, so don’t feel intimidated by the perfectly arranged pictures you see on social media. Just remember, the only way for your home can become your sanctuary is if you do what looks best for you.

#11 Dream Balcony/Reading Nook

Image credits: Ibnebatuta92

#12 Living Room Before & After

Image credits: revisedbusmall

#13 Mostly Second Hand, I Love How It Turned Out.

Image credits: pilliwithaphilly

#14 Small Bathroom Remodel. Before & After

Image credits: DIY_Lion

#15 My Living Room! I’m So Proud?

Image credits: Comedy-Horror

#16 We Build Our Own Coffee Bar

Image credits: Roger_Premuzak

#17 My Newly Installed Alcove Shelving (Feat. My Cat)

Image credits: rakkiel

#18 Thrift Store, Antique Mall, And Flea Market Finds On My Gallery Wall. Cost-Effective, “Green,” And Unique.

Image credits: tmtinfw

#19 Before And After Of Our Bathroom!!

Image credits: sidmohan90

#20 Couldn’t Find A Wallpaper I Liked So I’m Hand Painting The Whole Thing. Almost Done. What Do You Think?

Image credits: mothaoffrenchies

#21 My Very First Non-Studio Apartment! Mix Of Vintage, Used, And New Furniture. Still Need Some More Art And Plants

Image credits: loverlycelia

#22 My Tiny Apartment ??

Image credits: leidai

#23 First Time Living On My Own And I’m Pretty Happy With The Living Space I Created!

Image credits: -Liltokyo

#24 Beautiful?

Image credits: Evening_Chocolate_56

#25 My Studio Details. Columbus, Oh.

Image credits: ummpaul

#26 I’m Proud Of What I’ve Done With My Previously Boring And Grey Lounge!!!

Image credits: levanabanana1

#27 Sharing Our Sweet Girls Nursery

Image credits: booiscaredy0u8

#28 Made Some Changes After Feedback From This Sub! Very Happy With It!

Image credits: about_today_

#29 I’ve Been Dreaming Of My Own Library Since I Was 10 And I Finally Got Down To It Last Year. What Do You Guys Think?

Image credits: sinchaser36

#30 Added A Framed Print Above Our Bed And My Dream Room Is Finally Complete!

Image credits: Pepperoncini69

#31 Before And After: Moved In 3 Years Ago And We Have Made Some Progress In Between Having A Baby And A Global Pandemic

Image credits: mmkjustasec

#32 Efore And After – Kitchen Reno In Our 100+ Year Old Home

Image credits: IckyLeigh

#33 After So Much Buyers Remorse I Am Finally Feeling Cozy And Celebrating One Year In My First Home.

Image credits: retlaw_yensid

#34 My Son’s Vintage Disney Nursery – I Found These 70s Disney Vinyl Records From The Thriftshop And The Frames Are From IKEA.

Image credits: girlitsthrifted

#35 Here Is Our Homemade Bookshelf On That Dark/Boreal Forest Green❤️ I Think It’s Officially My Favourite Place In The House!

Image credits: alex_duppp09

#36 Made These Beauties For My Master Bathroom! Next Project Is Same Idea But For Above A Bed.

Image credits: Hchomegoods

#37 Never Had A Dining Room Until Our New House, Last Night Was Our First Dinner At A Table Of Our Own In Four Years.

Image credits: wiing_qveen666

#38 My Room?

Image credits: femmecami

#39 My Tiny Kitchen. Just About Finished, I Think!

Image credits: RayAudrey

#40 Renovated My Small Bedroom. Let Me Know What You Think!

Image credits: nalplai

#41 Kitchen Before & After

Image credits: Greenman877

#42 This Is How My Husband’s Living Room Used To Look Like Before Moving In. And This Is How It Looks Like Now After I Decorated The Entire Place

Image credits: mimimeme2

#43 I Have Been Dying For A Bar Cart For Years Now And I Finally Made It Happen! I Am Over The Moon With How It Turned Out

Image credits: katalienim

#44 We Turned The Ugliest Room In Our House Into Our Dream Bedroom Oasis For Under $1000

Image credits: InofunI

#45 Major Face Lift. Our Bathroom Before And After

Image credits: de01leon

#46 Update On My “Cottage Style” Kitchen. Took Your Advice!

Image credits: breezytunawilly

#47 Decorated Space In My Living Room.

Image credits: spiritualaroma

#48 Completely In Love With This Workspace!

Image credits: gdaymatejohn

#49 Basement Wet Bar I Recently Finished

Image credits: freewaytrees

#50 First Time Home Owner And I Finally Redecorated The Dining Room After Living Here For Three Years And Spending Endless Hours On Pinterest Dreaming.

Image credits: Blah0013

#51 My Girlfriend Wanted To Try A Bold Colour For Our Dining Room. I Think It Turned Out Fantastic!

Image credits: pkfillmore

#52 Just Redid Our Den. Very Pleased How Bright Everything Turned Out.

Image credits: Accomplished-Mud3150

#53 Finally After Months Of Looking For A Rug I Found One For $100 At Ross! Such A Steal And It’s Actually Pretty Durable. Also Thanks To Everyone For Their Input On My Last “Rug Find Fail” Post (:

Image credits: Polinaedmonds

#54 I Added Artificial Flowers To My Xmas Tree This Year Any Thoughts? P.s. Still Searching For A Thrifted Pink Tree Skirt & A New Rug!

Image credits: girlitsthrifted

#55 Just Put Up My First Decorative Molding Wall

Image credits: No_Exit247

#56 Upgraded My Bathroom On A Tight Budget – The Paint + Thrifted Decoration Was Less Than 100$ Total.

Image credits: girlitsthrifted

#57 Kitchen Almost Complete!

Image credits: rufustheragdoll

#58 Before And After Of My Stairs. I Know It’s Not For Everyone, But I Love How Girly They Are

Image credits: n1nc0mp00p

#59 My Stairs.

Image credits: Myszys

#60 I Just Moved Into My Rental A Few Weeks Ago From My House That Was Almost All-White. I Wanted To Try Color For A Change. ?

Image credits: budbunny_420

#61 Created A Living Room In My Garden

Image credits: PeaPolarHare

#62 I Keep Painting Murals On My Walls Throughout This Pandemic. A Brooklyn Covid-Life Is Rough. ?

Image credits: WizardsAreNeverWrong

#63 Colorful Entryway With Our Bench We Built

Image credits: booiscaredy0u8

#64 I Broke The Handle Of My Favorite Reusable Bag… So I Turned It Into An Art piece. * Bag Is From Winners And The Gold Frame Is From IKEA

Image credits: girlitsthrifted

#65 I Finally Feel Confident To Show Our Completely DIY Renovated Powder Room. So Much Work!

Image credits: sugarplumferries

#66 Collecting Planters Shaped Like Heads.

Image credits: SoloNeckBungee

#67 Our Living Room, East Africa Style. Just Needs Some More Plants I Think!

Image credits: tatertotski

#68 Laundry Closet Makeover! Father-In-Law Helped Us Create This Beauty. Originally Plain White Wire Shelving On The Back Wall.

Image credits: humblebeehoney

#69 Turned Our Living Room Into A Instagram Post

Image credits: 813265356

#70 I Recently Made Over Our Powder Room!

Image credits: nomolurkin

#71 Pleased With This Little Corner

Image credits: haveyouseenthebridge

#72 Our Powder Room Makeover!

Image credits: alittleoflyttle

#73 Finished My Daughter’s School Space This Week!

Image credits:

#74 One Roll Of $11.99 Peel & Stick Wood Contact Paper And My Bathroom Went From So Ugly To So Nice.

Image credits: SkippingLittleStones

#75 I Made 3D Printed Vases

Image credits: Kowafatcompany

#76 Why Buy A Dog Kennel When I Can Just Make One To Fit My Space And Look

Image credits: SrJebuss

#77 Painted These Pots For My New Cacti? So Happy How They Came Out!??

Image credits: Cissmophy

#78 Finished Decorating My Living Room? Any Thoughts? Does It Look Too Cramped?

Image credits: girlitsthrifted

#79 Girl With A Pearl Earbuds, Me, Wood And LED Neon, 2021 Artwork

Image credits: ElmartoArt

#80 Just Moved House But Unable To Shop For Unique Items Due To Lockdown, So We Jazzed Up A Cheap IKEA Wardrobe With Wallpaper.

Image credits: MoonGas

#81 3D Accent Wall! I Am Obsessed!

Image credits: eaturpineapples

#82 Our Kitchen Remodel Is Finally Done!

Image credits: ok_Cartographer_6956

#83 Repainted My Living Room After Moving Into Our New Home And It Really Changed The Vibe

Image credits: beautyinstrength84

#84 Took Some Advice And Changed Up Our Living Room Just A Bit!

Image credits: applejackz05

#85 Got A New Sofa. I Think It Looks Pretty Good!

Image credits: horse-face-ethel

#86 Finally Finished Modernising Our Living Room. It’s An Old 19th Century Cottage So We’ve Tried To Keep The Cottage Feel.

Image credits: GreenGuy20

#87 Enjoy A Bite Of Candy For Your Eyes (I Couldn’t Stop Painting During Quarantine)

Image credits: Pinkpurplegreentea

#88 Just Sharing My New Kitchen 🙂

Image credits: West-Maximum-6367

#89 My Almost 5-Year-Old Daughter’s Rainbow Mermaid Bedroom!

Image credits: choosybeggar922

#90 Before And After! What Do You Think?

Image credits: CurleeBS

#91 Our Old House Has A Shower For The First Time In 110 Years!.. And The First Renovation Since
The 50s.

Image credits: sugarplumferries

#92 I’m New To Woodworking, Today I Fabricated A Security Measure On My Stairs Whilst Also Striving For A Certain Aesthetic.

Image credits: KaizokuLee

#93 Just Finished My Grid Wall What U Think?

Image credits: mkruba

#94 Redid Some Entry Old Closet Doors In Entry Area. Turned Out Ok!

Image credits: avin_a_laugh

#95 Southwest Vibes In Austin, Tx

Image credits: la_renegade

#96 Just Bought My First Home! My Style Is Very Colorful/Eclectic/Mcm. I’ve Only Lived There 2 Days But This Is What’s Done So Far!! Thought I’d Share

Image credits: rachaelallyn1

#97 Redid My Home Office Before Starting My New Job!

Image credits: Kllasa

#98 Before(Top) & After(Bottom) – Still Needs Wall Decor, Plants, Taller Curtains, Etc.)

Image credits: AvMikeK12

#99 I Feel Like Ceilings Are Often Forgotten So I Just Wanted To Share This Wood Accent Ceiling With You All That I Recently Finished.

Image credits: hammersandhijabs

#100 I Turned This Into This, And I’m Very Proud Of Myself.

Image credits: inattentive_shoelace

#101 My Fiancé Decided To Make Our Apartment A Little Spooky. What Do Y’all Think?

Image credits: Choshington

#102 Not Much, But It’s My First Furniture Flip And I Love It

Image credits: Acrobatic_Citron992

#103 Before And After Of Our DIY Bathroom Refresh

Image credits: Mycatismybestfrien

#104 Incorrectly Measured The Amount Of Cabinets To Order So We Built A Book Shelf To Fill Some Space. Now The Book Shelf Is One Of The Highlights Of Our Kitchen!

Image credits: Chpe4290

#105 We Updated Our Laundry Area Los Angeles

Image credits: lovessj

#106 A Couple of Weeks Ago I Asked For Tips On A Space. Below Is The Result Of Everyone’s Help.

Image credits: thewhaler1

#107 Little Things Can Make All The Difference. Loving The Way My Couch Looks With Updated Legs!

Image credits: DaniDel

#108 Living Room Is Coming Together Nicely!

Image credits: beautyinstrength84

#109 Completely Finished Black Bedroom!

Image credits: horse-face-ethel

#110 First Timing Owning A Dining Room

Image credits: Cecizzle

#111 Hi Everyone! I Have Embroidered A Picture. How Do You Like This Idea For Home Decor?

Image credits: PunchNeedleUla

#112 New Master Bedroom Setup

Image credits: super_novas

#113 Just About Done Painting The Kitchen.

Image credits: Hungry_Gizmo

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