How to Transition Your Fall Front Porch to Christmas

How to Transition Your Fall Front Porch to Christmas

A few simple swaps can save you time and money.

Decorating for each season can be expensive—but it doesn’t have to be! Rather than buying all-new pieces for every season, invest in a few timeless decorations that can be updated with a few festive touches as the seasons start to change. Look for simple, good-quality basics, then add in your favorite seasonal elements.

Invest in classic decorations like faux greenery ($100, Bed Bath & Beyond) to decorate your porch from fall to Christmas. We added a faux greenery wreath to the front door, trees on either side, and a pretty garland over the entrance.

Create a gorgeous fall look by adding flowers, gourds, and lanterns to the greenery. As the weather gets colder and you transition from fall to winter, swap the fall elements for pinecones, ornaments, and wrapped gifts. This seasonal swap is easy—you only have to hang the wreath and garland once! And you’ll also save storage space by not buying separate pieces for each season.

porch decorated for fall

Decorate for Fall

Once you’ve added the basic greenery to your front porch, create a gorgeous fall display with these easy ideas.

Add Leaves, Flowers, and Gourds

Dress up the basic garland and wreath by adding ribbon, leaves, and flowers. Look for faux florals in bright fall colors that will contrast the dark greenery. Weave the florals through the wreath and garland, then secure with florists wire. Using wire (rather than glue) will make it easy to remove the fall pieces when it’s time to transition to winter.

Add Lanterns

Next, add large glass lanterns and decorate for fall by adding battery-operated pillar candles and faux fall foliage. Look for battery-operated candles that can be programmed to a timer so you don’t have to manually switch them on and off every day.

Add Pumpkins and Gourds

Finish your fall display by adding an autumn must-have—pumpkins and gourds. Use real carved jack-o’-lanterns or invest in artificial pumpkins that can be reused each year.

Add a Blanket and Pillow

If you have a bench or chairs on your porch, add a fall-inspired plaid blanket and coordinating pillow to create a cozy setting for seasonal guests.

porch decorated for christmas

Decorate for Christmas

After Thanksgiving, a few simple swaps can help you easily transition your fall look to Christmas. Take down the fall decor and store it away for next year, then add in seasonal touches to welcome holiday guests.

Add Ribbon and Ornaments

Use florists wire to replace the fall leaves and flowers with red berries, buffalo check ribbon, and ball ornaments. We used red and gold elements to contrast the green of the wreath and garland, but you can add ornaments in any color scheme you like.

Change the Lanterns

Remove the fall leaves from the lanterns, then add greenery, pinecones, and red berries around the candles. Using battery-operated candles keeps the seasonal elements from becoming a fire hazard.

Add Gifts and Pinecones

Add pretty wrapped gifts and oversized pinecones to the porch to complete the look. Of course, you don’t have to wrap real gifts; this is a great way to repurpose a few of the shipping boxes that arrive with your holiday gifts.

Swap Out Blankets and Pillows

As you swap out your fall decor, box up your fall blanket and pillows and exchange them for more seasonally-appropriate accessories. Or, look for a neutral blanket at the start of the season and just change out the pillow.

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