Engaging Infusions Of Pastel Pink, Lilac, Blue And Yellow Decor

Engaging Infusions Of Pastel Pink, Lilac, Blue And Yellow Decor

If you’re looking to leave the land of neutral decor far behind, then there is no sweeter route to follow than a path of pastels. In this pair of inspirational home interiors, we’re looking particularly at infusions of sugary lilac and pink as dominant base colours. Varying blue hues are employed to embolden the look and add visual depth, and solid primary yellow accents shake up the mellow mood. Our first home is a bright and airy apartment with engaging colour saturations, luxurious white marble moments, and a small glass wall bedroom. Our second home tour includes a larger, open plan living space, and a pastel bedroom design with a unique home workspace.

Designer: SVAI Studio
Photographer: Sergey Artemov

This 49 square metre apartment design is located in Olimpik park, Minsk, Belarus.


A small sofa introduces a dusky pink accent into a predominantly white and lilac accented living space. This deeper pink hue serves to visually separate the lounge area from the closely neighbouring kitchen space and its candied violet wall cabinets.


A prussian blue accent chair drops an even deeper note of colour into the mix, causing a bold divide between the living space and a glass wall bedroom.


The accent chair is finished with copper feet that complement rosy elements in the room. The
round coffee table stands on a golden frame, which ties in tonally with yellow living room decor accessories.


Two yellow glass vases pour uplifting colour upon a pure white floating tv stand.


A games console tucks away in the centre of the unit, beneath a wall mounted TV.


A ​​unique table lamp stamps the end of the wall hung media unit with a fashionable arch motif. The piece also acts as a paperweight decoration atop a stack of coffee table books.


Beige drapes gather at the window, their tone melding softly with the light wood laminate flooring.


As the living area dissolves into the hallway, a bank of lilac closets line colour matched walls.


The end of the hallway is saturated with the same delicate lilac hue, which washes over a bespoke entryway seat and a floating coat closet.


At the back of the living room, the wooden floor becomes replaced by white marble tiles, marking the transition into the kitchen and dining zone. A small dining table is situated by the window to benefit from bright natural light.


Globe pendant lights cluster above the table. Their curved silhouettes complement the round tabletop.


Modern flatware is accentuated by contemporary gold cutlery.


Pink dining chairs make a sugary sweet colour combination with the neighbouring lilac kitchen cabinets.


Gold cabinet hardware, a satin gold kitchen faucet and unique salt and pepper shakers bring warm metallic flashes to the cool kitchen design.


The glass wall bedroom sports a vivid crash of colour. A bespoke lilac headboard gains strength from a much bolder blue feature wall. Gold and white bedroom pendant lights contrast cleanly against the high colour backdrop.


Modern artwork combines the colour palette of the entire apartment into one consolidated moment.


Entry to the bathroom is made via a frameless door, painted lilac to camouflage with the walls.


Inside, the light lilac colour scheme continues alongside a swathe of luxurious white marble. The marble tiles climb up around the bathtub to create a cohesive flow.


A unique bathroom sink and vanity unit slot neatly between the bathtub and a toilet cistern concealment wall.


An illuminated bathroom mirror brings the alcove out of the shadows.


Lilac storage units flank the bathroom entryway, offering valuable storage that doesn’t disrupt the aesthetic.


Modern white wall tiles encase the bath and shower splash zone.


Apartment floor plan.


Designer: Yu Chu Interior Design
Photographer: Hey! Cheese

Solid primary yellow accents shake up our second home interior, introducing a disruptive element into a pale pink and powder blue living room.


An eye-catching yellow Magis puppy, by Eero Aarnio for Magis, provides the soft living room scheme with a focal design object.


A colour matched accent chair pulls up at the edge of a bold black and white geometric living room rug.


The lounge is connected to the hallway by an elegant archway, which finds definition inside of a blush pink border.


A useful peninsula divides the lounge area from the kitchen diner. A line of cheerful blue storage units tuck underneath the glossy white countertop.


The peninsula is not joined to the kitchen, but rather serves as a mail catch area, and a cosy perimeter that hugs the dining table.


A solid pink kitchen ceiling treatment further separates the zones of the open plan living space. A wall of grey marble counteracts the sweetness of the colour palette and adds a touch of luxurious sophistication.


Moving on into the bedroom, pink accents are diminished by light blue walls. The blue bedroom appears cool and tranquil to aid rest.


A modern wall sconce drops a blush pink accent over a natural wood bedside unit. Pink scatter cushions and plush drapes extend the accent.


A home workspace spans one whole wall of the bedroom.


Blue accent drawers and unique handles highlight a bespoke desk storage area. A Scandinavian-style blue desk chair completes the look.


The bathroom features a wall of geometric tile that is fabulously cut through with mixed pattern and colour contrast. Pale pink and rose gold accents scatter moments of visual warmth throughout the rest of the predominantly white scheme.

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