Christmas Tabletop Styling Advice from Stylist Steve Cordony

Christmas Tabletop Styling Advice from Stylist Steve Cordony

If you’re not following Steve Cordony’s gorgeous personal account and that of his Rosedale Farm property you’d best get amongst it! A veritable treasure trove of inspiration, Steve manages to make things look glamorous but welcoming at the same time. And it’s for this reason that we caught up with him to find out how to elevate our festive season tabletop styling this season.

Steve’s tabletop styling is always elegant

Festive but stylish
One of the central challenges when creating a Christmas theme for your home is how to make it work with the existing aesthetic, but Steve has a trick. “The easiest way to do this is to play with one hero colour that is derived from your interior, and add a metallic accent. Whether that’s gold, chrome or rose gold, the pop of high polish automatically makes it feel like Christmas, and adds glamour to any tablescape,” says Steve.

Steve Cordony tabletop styling

Get resourceful
With the cost of Christmas already pretty sky-high, using what you already own is a great way to save a few dollars and this is especially true when it comes to flowers. “Styling with what you have in the garden is the best way to make your styling feel authentic and creative. Using what surrounds you, adds to the drama of outdoor entertaining, which then becomes an extension of your landscape,” says Steve.

Steve has used eggplants on this tabletop to great effect. We love the splash of aubergine!

Outdoors vs indoor Christmas tabletops
The Australian climate means that we often spend the summer holidays, and festive periods, outdoors but just how should you differentiate your indoor and outdoor tabletops?

“For outdoor styling, I like to be a little more informal and add more textures and softer styling. A loosely folded napkin, having no tablecloth, and more whimsical loose ‘garden’ florals always feel tailored yet informal for outdoors,” says Steve.

By contrast, Steve likes to take a more formal approach to indoor dining with layering, formal dinnerware, en masse florals, candles and tailored linen on his Christmas tabletop.


Steve with a styled up King Living Luna Outdoor set

Steve’s Christmas Day tabletop look
This year Steve will be in Sydney for both Christmas lunch and dinner but he will be bringing inspiration from his rural property in Orange, Rosedale Farm. “I am styling the table with fresh green herbs, garden flowers and fruit and vegetables, as I think it’s so important to use elements that can be re-used post-event, whether that means planting the herbs in the garden or using the edible elements for the next occasion,” says Steve. He will finish the look with beeswax candles, natural linen napery and handwritten place cards for a personal touch.

Steve Cordony


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