Edwardian beauty revealed under 80s facade and saved from demolition

After working in oncology for 15 years, Yolanda Aarons decided to scratch the renovation itch via a home in Melbourne’s Northcote that was in dire need of an overhaul. After considering demolition, Yolanda decided to peel back the ugly 1980s era layers and found a gem of an original 1920’s Edwardian home underneath, along with photos and original period features that had been hidden for decades.

AFTER front elevation
AFTER front elevation. It’s hard to believe all this beauty was concealed for so long!

“One by one the old wire cut mission brown bricks were removed, to reveal the original rough cast render which has since been restored based upon historical photos obtained through council and state library archives, ancestry and the local photographer David Wadelton,” says Yolanda.

BEFORE master bedroom
BEFORE master bedroom
AFTER master bedroom
AFTER Dulux Sicily Sea features in the master bedroom.
AFTER ensuite
AFTER ensuite

Sitting on a generous 650 square metre parcel of land, with a north-facing rear and city skyline views, the home clearly had potential. “Unfortunately, the house had fallen into a state of disrepair after decades of neglect and thus was earmarked for demolition. However, once we began the strip out, we unearthed details that had been hidden for years, including photos, original period features and the original façade,” says Yolanda, a member of The BuildHer Collective.

At that point, the demolition plans were put on hold, Yolanda consulted the architect Michael Bellemo, and the decision was made to undertake a full restoration with his assistance and local builder, The Building Chapter.

BEFORE bedroom
BEFORE bedroom
AFTER bedroom
AFTER bedroom

“The brief was to create a family home, with a hint of drama,” says Yolanda. This was relatively easy to achieve at the front of the home, where the original ceilings were 3.3 metres high and this part of the home now houses the master bedroom (complete with original ornamental fireplace), adjoining ensuite and walk-in robe.

There are two other bedrooms in the original part of the house as well as a main bathroom. “All the bedrooms are painted in sage greens and earthy whites which make the space feel calm and authentic. They’re made to look very different to most homes that aren’t brave enough to explore colour,” says Yolanda who used the organic green tone Dulux Sicily Sea, to great effect.

BEFORE bathroom
BEFORE bathroom
AFTER bathroom
AFTER bathroom

The sense of drama continues at the rear of the home where the new extension sports a raked ceiling that reaches nine metres in height above the dining table. The nearby kitchen is one of the standout spaces courtesy of its curved marble island bench, with brass shadow line detail. That gorgeous element is echoed throughout the custom joinery and nearby hallway architrave.

AFTER Kitchen, lounge and dining
AFTER The stunning new kitchen

Another unique feature, the staircase appears to ‘float’ in mid-air. “I love it because not only does the fluted glass balustrade allow light to penetrate into the middle of the house from the large window above, but the folded white steel makes it look more like a sculpture than a staircase,” says Yolanda.

The new sculptural staircase

The second floor was designed as a self-contained suite, with a study area, bathroom, second living area and bedroom that captures the city skyline. “There’s a mezzanine style opening that overlooks a large void to the dining area below and has spectacular views to the landscaped garden, pool and park to the rear of the property,” says Yolanda.


Triangular in shape, the bespoke pool was the biggest splurge of the renovation. “We intentionally limited the size as we didn’t want it to overwhelm the outdoor space but mirrored the triangular shape of the house to give it an extra special design element,” says Yolanda.

AFTER backyard

Yolanda is proud that she took the road less travelled, and decided to restore the property, instead of undertaking a standard knockdown and rebuild. “I often think to myself what would have happened to this house, if I wasn’t in charge of its future. Would it have been knocked down to be replaced by a subdivision? Would it have remained as an eyesore in its less than ideal mission brown state for years to come?”

Photography: SpaceCraft

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The great first impression you can even DIY with ModularWalls

Sponsored by ModularWalls

There’s a lot of talk about kerb appeal with good reason. Never underestimate the difference an impressive front facade can make to your home. And with ModularWalls’ EstateWall you can erect a beautiful front fence in a few easy steps which will look a whole lot more expensive than the reality!

With their largest posts yet, ModularWalls’ EstateWall solution is for those looking to make a sophisticated statement that’s sturdy and won’t cost a bomb. This alternative to a masonry wall can even be installed yourself over a few days for those who are a bit handy!

It’s perfect for front wall, entry walls, premium boundary walls, feature walls and security perimeters. And to give you an idea of the many ways you can use it, we’ve rounded up three case studies for you here:

Coastal barn dream

Lauren Cecil loved the way the product gave a grand entrance to her driveway (above). “I also had the opportunity to play around with it and make it more personal by adding tiles and rendering the walls to make it more our own.”


Lauren talks more about why she chose EstateWall in this short video:

Hamptons Farm Estate

Interior designer Natalee Bowen, of Indah Island, used EstateWall for the boundary of her impressive Hamptons style farm estate in WA. “On driving up to the estate, one of the first things you see is this incredible EstateWall. It just encompasses the whole design of the landscape and gives it that huge, beautiful designer resort feel,” she says.

A DIY front wall

The owner of this Melbourne home, Darren, says: “We looked at a few different wall systems and liked EstateWall the best — as well as the fact that it looked easy enough to do ourselves, it emulated a rendered brick wall with the thickness but was super easy to DIY.”

More about EstateWall from ModularWalls

Australian designed and made, EstateWall offers privacy, security, and noise-reducing capabilities. But if, like us, you’re just as interested in the aesthetics and creating something a little personalised to you and your home, you’ll love the ability to put your own stamp on it too. Let’s face it, it’s not that often you can customise your fence, especially when it’s something modular and easy to install, rather than a more expensive custom solution.

Your only limit is your imagination in some respects! You can add tiles, render, slats, or lighting (from your choice of third party suppliers) and even colour match to the paint of your home’s exterior. ModularWalls themselves also sell a selection of letterboxes and gates.

EstateWall can either be professionally installed or delivered for DIY installation, with installation guides and a customer hotline for any installation questions.

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Your Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

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With the days lengthening and weather warming, spring is a good time to get outdoors and tackle some larger home projects. Now that the threat of winter storms has passed, you can look for damage and make any needed repairs, as well as prep your home and garden for summer. We spoke with an expert to get helpful tips on what to watch for this season, from proper irrigation to mosquitoes and termites (oh my!).

Farmhouse Exterior by Chase & Arnold, Inc.

Clean Gutters and Downspouts

After the last frost has passed, it’s important to have your gutters and downspouts cleaned and repaired. “Clogged gutters and downspouts can cause the wood trim at the eaves to rot, and that can invite all kinds of critters into your attic space,” says Victor Sedinger, certified home inspector and owner of House Exam Inspection and Consulting.

Having your gutters and downspouts cleaned early in the season can also help prevent damage from spring rains. “Gutters and downspouts should be clean and running free,” Sedinger says. “If your downspouts are installed properly, water is diverted away from the house so that no water collects around your foundation.”

Contemporary Landscape by B. Jane Gardens

Reseal Exterior Woodwork

Wood decks, fences, railings, trellises, pergolas, and other outdoor structures will last longer and stay in better condition if they’re stained or resealed every year or two. Take this opportunity to make any needed repairs to woodwork as well.

Check for Signs of Termites

Beginning in March and going through May or June, be on the lookout for these winged insects. “Termites swarm in the spring,” Sedinger says. “If there’s a bunch of winged insects flying out of a hole in the woodwork, that’s probably termites. Call a licensed professional pest control company. You’ll save money and trouble in the long run.”

Traditional Exterior by Doug Simon ARCHITECTURE

Inspect the Roof

Winter storms can take quite a toll on the roof. When spring arrives, start by making a simple visual inspection of your roof. “It doesn’t require a ladder, and you certainly don’t have to get on a roof to look,” Sedinger says. “Use binoculars or a camera or smartphone with a telephoto feature if you need to.” Look for missing shingles, metal pipes that are damaged or missing, or anything that simply doesn’t look right. If you notice anything that needs closer inspection or repair, call a roofer.

Paint the Exterior

If you’re planning to repaint your home’s exterior this year, spring is a good time to set it up. Want to paint but can’t decide on a color? Explore your town and snap pictures of house colors you like, browse photos on Houzz or work with a color consultant to get that just-right hue.

Craftsman Landscape by David Morello Garden Enterprises, Inc.

Inspect Driveways and Paths

Freezing and thawing is rough on concrete, asphalt, and other hardscaping materials. Take a walk around your property to look for damage to walkways, paths, and driveways, and schedule repairs as needed. Asphalt can often be patched, but damaged concrete may need to be replaced entirely.

Landscape by Pacific Lawn Sprinklers

Check Sprinkler and Irrigation Systems

Checking your sprinklers or irrigation systems in the spring can save water – and save your plants. Sedinger shares these tips for checking your watering system:

Run the system through all the zones manually and walk the property. Make sure none of the heads are broken or damaged. Adjust any heads that are spraying the house, especially windows, as this can cause moisture problems. Adjust heads that are spraying the street, sidewalk, or porches to avoid wasting water. If you don’t know how to maintain your sprinkler system, call a professional to do it. You’ll save money on your water bill and protect one of our most valuable natural resources.

Traditional Landscape by Margie Grace - Grace Design Associates

Prevent Mosquitoes

In recent years, we’ve become more aware of the potential danger mosquitos can pose to our health. “West Nile virus and Zika virus are just the latest diseases caused by these winged pests,” Sedinger says. The best way to prevent mosquitos around your home is simply by getting rid of any standing water. “Walk around your property [and peek at your neighbors]. If you see anything or any area where water stands, fix it, tip it, get rid of it, or maintain it regularly,” Sedinger says.

Eclectic Sunroom by Abaca Interiors

Check Screen Doors and Windows

Screens are designed to let the breeze flow in and keep bugs out — but they can only do their job if they’re free from holes and tears. Before setting up your screens for the warm months ahead, be sure to carefully check each one and repair any holes or tears, no matter how small. You can find screen repair kits at most hardware and home improvement stores.

Contemporary Living Room by Visual Jill Interior Decorating

Schedule Air-conditioning Service

“Home inspectors see a lot of air-conditioning systems that are just not taken care of,” Sedinger says. “Just because it gets cool doesn’t mean it’s working efficiently.” To get the longest life out of your cooling system and keep it running as efficiently as possible, change the filters at least once each season, and hire a licensed professional to service the equipment before the start of summer.

Read more: familyhandyman.com

Sweet dreams are made with the right bedside table: 10 stylist’s picks

Interior stylist Georgia Duncan uses her designer eye to curate a roundup of some very stylish bedside tables. From budget-friendly, to higher-end splurge, to Australian made, there’s something for everyone here.

Btd Gridwork Side Table $1,150.

The Gridwork Side table is Melbourne made, and has a wicked industrial edge. Using products traditionally found in industrial settings, the toughened, yet oh so design savvy fluted glass, paired with either stainless steel or a powder coated black frame, creates a very streamlined, minimalist, yet hardwearing option. Storage shelves create nooks for your favourite books, and any other special items.

Brosa Slim Bedside Table $319

Available in three colour ways, the Slim Bedside Table displays a great amount of form and function. The on-trend curved legs create an ‘ongoing’ effect, while the drawer is a perfect place to stash all those necessary, yet unsightly items.

Kristina Dam Studio Curve Side Table from Design Stuff $629

The Powder coated steel Curve side table, takes on the on-trend circular legs, while the top is the perfect size for your lamp and personal items. Below, there is space for some magazines, or to be left empty for that perfect minimalist look.

HAY Tray Table Small $350

Versatile throughout the house, but very useful in the bedroom, the modern classic tray table from HAY comes in many colours. It’s aesthetically light and you could always nice basket placed underneath if you needed extra storage.

Heimur Design Origins Side Table $825

With its on-trend woven shelf, and functionality of a single drawer, the Origins side table is definitely another example of form and function. Made in Melbourne from Australian Messmate, there are also custom timber options available. This is a do not pass go option if you are looking for a small piece of storage and a great looking piece. 8-to-10 weeks lead time.

Ikea Nikkeby $79

The Nikkeby bedside drawers are perfect for a room needing something a bit more hardy to withhold the test of time. Coming in a classic olive green, these are sure to suit a range of bedrooms, and come in at the budget-friendly end of the scale.

Made Of Tomorrow FOLD bedside table NZ $99, plus $22 international shipping

For those who either want to save on space or have enough storage already, the Fold Bedside is literally the perfect option. Made in New Zealand from powder coated aluminium, they are even hardy enough to go in bathrooms or outdoors. Base models come in white and black, but there is a large range of custom colours too. With a shelf for your lamp and phone, and one for your book and hand cream, this really is a great option.

McMullin & Co Agatha Bedside Table $599

With its rattan finish, and teak frame, the Agatha Bedside is a space-saving storage solution like no other. Rather than a drawer, this bedside has a fold-down door.

Sarah Ellison Pierré $975

A definite piece for the bedroom, the Pierré has a playful presence. Designed to make a statement, with a marble top, rattan shelf, steel structure and teak spherical feet.

West Elm Quinn Lacquer Nightstand $599

An on-trend classic, the Quinn is a larger scale, versatile, and oh so functional piece. Pop your unsightly favourite things in the drawers, and a gorgeous lamp on top along with a few of your best sleepy-time styling objects and you’re away.

-For as long as Georgia can remember, at the forefront of her six senses has been design. Based in Melbourne, she works as a freelance stylist and creative in the interiors world. See more of her work on Instagram or via her website.

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The Best Outdoor Design Trends for Spring/Summer 2021 – Patio, Backyard, Lawn

Who’s ready to take 2021 outside? I know I am! If you’re curious about how the outdoor market is shaping up and evolving for the spring and summer in terms of trends, I’ve got you. In a year where everything is still, well, up in the air to some extent (no pun intended), you can expect some outdoor staples like metal bistro sets, Sunbrella textiles, and cabana stripes to persist. They’re classics for a reason.

That said, some change is afoot in terms of materials, furnishings, and really the way those of us lucky enough to have outdoor spaces are interacting with them, which ultimately means new ideas and technologies in brands’ collections. “Our fundamental connection to our homes has shifted,” says designer Nate Berkus. “Spring is an opportune time to say, ‘This square footage matters to me, and I can carefully consider what I choose to surround myself with.’” To that end, I’ve rounded up a few different ideas for sprucing up your outdoor space that you can keep in mind once it’s warm enough to be outside all day every day.

Outdoor space designed by Nate Berkus for Sam's ClubOutdoor space designed by Nate Berkus for Sam's ClubOutdoor space designed by Nate Berkus for Sam's ClubOutdoor space designed by Nate Berkus for Sam's Club

Creative Greenery Installations

Okay, you’re probably saying to yourself, “It’s the outdoors — of course, there’s greenery.” This year though designers are thinking outside of the box when it comes to grass and plant applications, and you don’t have to have a sprawling lawn to get in on natural touches. Berkus, who created the chic outside sitting area shown above in collaboration with Sam’s Club, put his own spin on a checkerboard floor, which was inspired by an image of a French chateau he had pinned during the pandemic. Using square pavers and grass in lieu of marble, Berkus transformed a 12-foot square space into a tiny oasis, proving that a little bit of greenery can go a long way, even if you’re in an urban setting and don’t have much room to work with at all.

Berkus also recommends weaving other greenery into your setup like topiaries in classic pots, which tend to grow up rather than out and thus are great small space options. Don’t be afraid to look up and go overhead with your greenery as well, particularly if you are fortunate to have a trellis, overhang, or larger trees in your outdoor area that you can use to hang things. Berkus suspended several spheres made of bulk greenery here to piece together what almost looks like a living ceiling. Garlands and swags of greens are great solutions for terraces. No grass or garden? No problem!

Bringing the Indoors Outside

Berkus also thinks everyone’s favorite indoor creature comforts are moving outdoors, whether it’s unfussy stoneware and linens to set your outside dining table or throws and decorative pillows cozying up your seating. Build on whatever motifs and color palette you like or have going on inside your home. “Tell your story through your selects,” says Berkus. That could be bright and funky with Fiesta tableware and a punchy colored patio set if your style skews more eclectic, or go more neutral to play up the natural beauty of your greenery, which is what Berkus did in his modern urban greenhouse. Either way, think of your outdoor space as an extension of your living room and decorate it as such. Don’t forget lighting. You might not be able to add a chandelier or pendant to anchor your patio set, but you can certainly trot out some bistro lights.

Who doesn’t want their furnishings to work harder for them? When it comes to outdoor spaces, the multi-purpose pieces you’re craving for your home right now are just as relevant for living en plein air, and thankfully, many outdoor retailers have noticed and are catering to this trend, too. “Flexibility and modularity have become increasingly important,” says Sebastian Brauer, vice president of product design at Crate&Barrel. “Whether you are in a small apartment with a balcony or you have a beautiful sunroom, we always try to think about different configurations and different types of rooms and settings that allow our product to be able to accommodate different lifestyles.” Look for dual-purpose items like ceramic stools, which can also be used as occasional tables, and things like stackable chairs. You might even find a table with a removable cover that reveals a fire pit!

There’s something about wicker, rattan, cane, and jute that just collectively scream outdoors; it’s likely the light, bright, and airiness of their texture. Work one or two touches of something woven into your space, be it an indoor/outdoor rug, dinnerware, or even a side table made of an all-weather version of one of these materials. These types of natural touches help to create visual contrast with typical backyard materials like concrete, wood or composite decking, and grass.

If you’re looking to invest in a new set of patio furniture, consider something sustainable. Direct-to-customer brand Outer just launched their second-ever collection, Teak, which boasts clean modern lines and warm, honey-colored teak that’s Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)-certified. Yardbird’s Langdon Collection is 100-percent recyclable, crafted from all-weather wicker that’s made with repurposed ocean plastic. Whether you lean modern or more traditional with your outdoor style, there’s a high-tech, low-environmental-impact set for you out there that, with proper care, you can enjoy for years to come.

Peace and tranquility are just a few key plantings away, according to Burpee. For 2021, the seed and plant company says a garden full of flowers in soothing colors — plus, the gentle sound of swaying ornamental grasses — is the way to go if you’re looking to turn whatever backyard you have into a little slice of serenity. “Plant taller grasses, like little bluestem and panicum behind lower grasses like Carex,” says Venelin Dimitrov, horticultural product and technique expert at Burpee. “Then line the border with impatiens or petunias.” If you don’t have the footprint for a full garden, you can always use containers to some extent here, too. Potted plants will never go out of style.

No, I’m not talking the clear neon hot pink blow-up chair you had in your bedroom growing up (or was that just me?), but more sophisticated air sofas, chairs, and loungers that almost mimic the look of velvet with their soft, brushed finishes. Intex makes a range of products, which can be great for extra seating for outdoor gatherings or outside movie nights. This trend takes the inflatable pool craze of 2020 and expands upon it, so you can turn your backyard into a cushy lounge with pieces that can be deflated and stored easily or taken in the car when road tripping.

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