A beautiful kitchen completed during Melbourne lockdown

Located inside a 1920’s weatherboard home in the Melbourne suburb of Aberfeldie, this kitchen underwent an impressive makeover recently against the background of an extended COVID-19 lockdown. “The lockdown meant all the shops were closed and we had to select all our colours, cabinetry, tiles and hardware via Zoom or with tiny samples sent from our suppliers,” says the home’s owner Carla Salsone who lives there with husband Adrian and daughter Sofia.

The kitchen pre-renovation
Kitchen AFTER
AFTER: What a transformation!

Part of a whole-home renovation, the family had planned on vacating the home for five months, but that was extended to almost nine and a half which meant a very long stay with the in-laws! “I’m a visual person, and we’d planned for the renovation for two years, so I hated not being able to visit the house and test paint colours or sit down with the cabinetmaker in person to go through drawings. But it was a tough year for everyone, so I can’t complain that my only issue was making renovation decisions remotely and we’re so happy with the result,” says Carla.

The statement crystal chandelier was sourced from Lighting Collective

Pandemic constraints certainly didn’t hinder the project though, with the home’s former kitchen rendered completely unrecognisable post-renovation. Carla looked to traditional English kitchen designers like deVOL Kitchens and Humphrey Munson, and America’s Studio McGee, when designing the space. “They absolutely nail the kitchen in terms of design and function,” says Carla who believes the new kitchen set the tone for the entire renovation.

Custom shaker-style cabinetry (in Dulux Natural White) combines with Moroccan zellige tiles while natural stone and brass hardware complete the space. “We debated open shelves versus overhead cabinetry and, in the end, didn’t fancy having to have perfectly styled shelves so opted for closed cabinets that would conceal clutter and prevent dust,” says Carla who finished the cupboards with burnished brass knobs, pulls and latches from Armac Martin’s Cotswold Collection.


“We pretty much designed our whole kitchen around the Lacanche range cooker. It was a huge investment but so far it’s proved well worth it,” says Carla who chose black with brass and stainless steel to complement the nearby stainless-steel fridge.

The Lacanche range cooker took six months to arrive from France
The Lacanche range cooker took six months to arrive from France

The kitchen’s marble benchtop was subject to much debate too, with many people trying to talk Carla out of choosing its natural stone – a gorgeous Calacatta marble that has grey and gold veining. “I don’t mind a little ‘character’ staining and I figure it’s covered most of Europe for centuries!” says Carla.

The nearby laundry doubles as a butler’s pantry when the family entertains
The nearby laundry doubles as a butler’s pantry when the family entertains

And while a fairly monochromatic space, all-important warmth was brought in courtesy of the kitchen’s gorgeous oak flooring, square gloss splashback tiles in various shades of white, brass taps and hardware and the show-stopping antique brass and crystal chandelier above the island. “I still pinch myself when I walk into the kitchen as I can’t believe it’s ours!”

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6 Ridiculously Easy Organizing Resolutions You Can Actually Stick to This Year

home organizing

mmpile/Getty Images

If your relationship with New Year’s resolutions is anything like ours, then things tend to fall by the wayside right about—well, now.

Mid-January has been statistically proven to be the time when all those well-intentioned goals get left behind and replaced with well-worn habits of years past. So if getting organized was one of your resolutions in 2021, there’s a good chance you’ve thrown in the towel and are already starting to see the clutter pile up.

Don’t despair! We’re here to help get you back in the saddle, and we called in the pros for some reinforcement. We’ve pulled together their insider secrets on the easiest organizational resolutions you can actually stick to this year.

Read on for the simplest goals you can achieve, and all the tips you’ll need to make it happen.

Resolution No. 1: Practice a daily 10-minute ‘tidy up’

One of the best ways to ensure that maintaining a clean house becomes a lasting resolution is to practice tidying up daily. But it doesn’t have to take the better part of an afternoon. Small but regular spurts of time devoted to organizing can keep things in order.

“This is perfect if you have kids, or a partner who’s on the messy side,” suggests Afoma Umesi of Oh So Spotless. “Do a 10-minute ‘blitz’ every evening where everyone picks up and puts things back in their place. You can even set a timer, to make it more fun.”

Resolution No. 2: Make your dang bed

making the bed
Start your day by quickly making the bed.

svetikd/Getty Images

If we’re giving you flashbacks of your mother with this one, well, that’s OK—Mom knows best, after all. Right?

“Visualize your dream bedroom,” says Ali Wenzke of The Art of Happy Moving. “Imagine what it would be like to enter your room every day and have it feel like a five-star hotel. Declutter any items that take away from that feeling, and tie making your bed to a current habit like waking up in the morning. As soon as your feet land on the floor, pull up the sheets and comforter.”

Not only will making your bed please Mom, but it will also elevate the overall look and feel of your bedroom.

Resolution No. 3: Ditch bulky packaging

We’re all guilty of keeping too many cardboard boxes around, especially in this age of endless deliveries. But one easy way to keep your stuff (and clutter) in check this year is by ditching packaging as soon as you get it.

This is a tough one, and we know what’s going through your mind:

“What if I need it later?”

“It’s a really good box, though…”

“It doesn’t take up that much space.”

Well, we’ve got news for you: You can always find more boxes. And that packaging is killing your decluttering efforts: “Cardboard packaging often takes up double or triple the space of its actual contents,” says Amy Bloomer of Let Your Space Bloom.

Beyond cardboard, Bloomer also recommends removing plastic wrap or any other kind of packaging from products (as much as possible) before putting them away. One example Bloomer gives is frozen foods.

“Remove cardboard packaging and label the plastic bag with a Sharpie marker to make the contents easily identifiable,” she says.

Resolution No. 4: Get better at recycling and composting

Composting is easier than you might think.

svetikd/Getty Images

While most of us have at least tried our hand at recycling or composting, it can be a hard habit to keep up.

“Don’t overthink composting,” says one professional organizer, Caroline Clark. “A mixing bowl with a lid works great, and is easy to move around the kitchen as you cook, and throw in the dishwasher after emptying it.”

If the actual compost pile is what’s dragging you down, check with a neighbor or even your city council to see if there’s a communal composting bin you can use.

As far as recycling goes, one of the best ways to ensure it becomes a habit you can keep is by keeping a bin in the kitchen.

“Make sure your recycling bins are easy to access, without doors or lids that make it harder to put things in them quickly,” says Clark.

If the recycling bin is as easy to operate as the trash can, you’ll have no reason not to use it.

By ditching bulky packaging right away, you’ll be able to conserve more precious storage space for the things that actually matter.

Resolution No. 5: Get rid of your ugly stuff

We’ve all got some stuff hanging around the house we can’t stand—whether it’s artwork you bought in college that you thought was so cool back then, or well-intended Christmas gifts that didn’t hit the mark. This year, it’s time to get rid of it.

“The ugly statue you got from a distant cousin for your wedding? Don’t feel obligated to keep it,” says Marty Basher of Modular Closets.

“Let go of the guilt of getting rid of a gift you don’t want. This can be hard for people who might see it as an insult to the giver, but the reality is, if you hate it and are never going to wear, display, or use said gift, it’s better to donate or otherwise dispose of it.”

Resolution No. 6: Eradicate surface clutter

We’re all guilty of letting things pile up here and there, but clutter is especially problematic once it starts taking over every usable surface space in your home. Wenzke gives us some tips on wiping out surface clutter in 2021.

“Declutter like you’re moving,” she says. “Get rid of items you wouldn’t want to move again. Then, with whatever’s left, put similar items together, and return them to your closets or drawers. The only items that should remain on display are the ones that you love and want to look at every day.”

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Ty Pennington Designs a Whole New Kind of Kitchen That Takes the Cake

Ty Pennington


Ty Pennington has designed many a chef’s kitchen, but in the latest episode of “Ty Breaker,” he tackles a whole new beast: a baker’s kitchen.

In the episode titled “A Baker’s Perfect Kitchen,” Pennington and guest designer Sabrina Soto (of “The High Low Project”) meet Elva and Dan Caballero, who’ve recently sold their bakery and bought a $230,000 house in Atlanta near their daughter and grandkids. They are left with only a $50,000 budget to renovate.

Yet Pennington and Soto are used to stretching reno budgets to the max. Here’s how they redo the home into a baker’s paradise, which might inspire a few upgrades around your own abode, too.

Black window frames add an elegant look

These black window frames give dimension to the living room.


When Elva and Dan first show Pennington their house, they point out that they love the big windows that let in lots of light. So Soto wants to turn the living room windows into a focal point by painting the frames black.

“People are scared to paint it black,” Soto tells Pennington, “but then once you have it on, you realize it actually looks pretty classic.”

When the work is done, the windows do, indeed, have a classic elegance. The black paint adds some dimension to the room without making the space look too bold.

Floating shelves offer less storage but add lots of style

These bakers wanted a kitchen with open shelves.


With a background in cake baking, Elva and Dan are excited to move into a home with a large kitchen. As Elva says, even though they sold their bakery, their grandkids will still expect cakes on their birthdays.

However, these two make one design choice that surprises Pennington: They want all open shelving instead of upper cabinets.

While open shelving is a popular choice in kitchens these days, Pennington points out that most people prefer to have more cabinets, since they provide lots of storage. Still, these two have their hearts set on shelves.

“These guys ran a bakery. They know exactly what they want,” Pennington says.

So Pennington and Soto choose some elegant black shelves with gold hardware that will stand out against the white subway tile backsplash.

When the kitchen is finished, the shelves look amazing. They may not provide a lot of storage, but they do add an elegant place to display baking ingredients and cake stands. Plus, the dark color gives the kitchen a chic, modern look.

A built-in banquette provides ample seating and storage

dining table
This built-in banquette looks great in this house, and it saves space.


Soto is careful to include a dining space in her design, but once the team widens the doorway to the back deck, Soto realizes that the table she planned for won’t fit in the space.

She comes up with an idea to add a built-in banquette. This banquette will save space, Soto says, and “then you’ll have cabinets flanking them for storage.”

When the banquette is finished, there’s plenty of seating for Dan, Elva, and their whole family. Plus, with the open shelves in the kitchen, this extra storage will certainly come in handy.

A wall near the entryway provides some privacy

Homes don’t need to be entirely open-concept. This wall provides a convenient spot for family pictures.


Soto plans to give Elva and Dan’s house a completely open concept, but her plans go awry when she realizes one wall needs to stay for structural reasons. So she makes the best of this wall by creating a makeshift foyer with a mirror and lots of family pictures to welcome guests into the home.

When the house is finished and the staging is done, the entryway (and the wall) looks great. Soto and Pennington realize that it’s actually pretty convenient to have a designated entryway instead of a completely open floor plan.

“I also think it really works to have a wall when you walk in, to display, like, your family photos,” Pennington says, “as well as giving you a little bit of privacy.”

Matching colors provide indoor-outdoor flow

This deck needed an update.


Elva and Dan want a great backyard—and luckily, their new house has a massive yard with a beautiful deck.

However, the deck is a little dated, so Soto paints it gray to match the interior decor. Matching the color, Soto says, helps the living space flow from inside to outside.

“That deck becomes that second living room, and it really changes the whole dynamic of this house,” Pennington says.

With a new color, this deck now matches the interior.


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DIY? When it’s illegal, dangerous or just not worth it.

By Zak Saboune

As anyone who’s been through a home renovation knows, cost is a huge factor. After making what feels like thousands of decisions over the course of a reno, it can be tempting to default to the cheapest option. Much of the time, this means forfeiting hiring a trained professional and doing jobs yourself.

It’s easy to see why people often go down this route. Bunnings is filled to the brim with almost any part you could need for any given project, and YouTube provides the answer to almost any renovation-related project. After all, isn’t that what DIY is all about?

However, in reality, there are some jobs that are simply too challenging for anyone but a licensed professional to handle. Just because you can physically purchase all the tools you need to do the job, it doesn’t mean you have all the skills and knowledge to complete it safely and securely.

In Australia, our laws on DIY electrical and plumbing work are much stricter than other countries, and with good reason. Throughout our time as emergency home service providers, we’ve seen floods, voided insurance policies, and potentially fatal wiring all as a result of dodgy DIYs. Most of the time, the cost of fixing these mistakes is far higher than if they’d simply hired a professional to do the work in the first place.

So how can you tell the DIY jobs from the ones that require a licensed professional? Often, it’s as simple as looking at the label. The majority of the products that need to be installed by a licensed tradesperson will say so on the label or in the T&Cs.

If you’re watching a video on a particular installation, they’ll usually note that the job needs to be done by a licensed professional… even if they then go on to give you a step by step guide of how to do it.

Light fittings and power points

Light fittings are one of the most common things that people believe they can install themselves. They’re at Bunnings, you’ve seen a family or friend do it themselves… so why can’t you? Australian law says you need a professional to install your light fittings for a reason. Get it wrong, and you could be putting yourself at serious risk.

The same is true of moving a power point to a different wall or into a different room – it’s illegal to do it yourself, and could cause serious injury or even death. It’s definitely not worth the small amount of money you’d save on hiring someone to do the job for you.

Ceiling fans

Over time, we’ve seen a lot of issues where people think that they can simply unplug, disconnect and reconnect the cabling in new ceiling fans. Like light fittings, it’s one of those jobs that seems simple but is actually far more complicated than it looks. We’ve certainly had more than a few disaster jobs sent through from dodgy ceiling fan DIY projects.

Taps and pipes

Taps are another common area that people attempt to install themselves. But if you use the wrong feeding, there’s a very real risk of flooding your house, or even causing a gas leak. We’ve seen people using water piping on a gas line, or attempting to install gas fittings on water lines. In many cases, we have to pull the entire thing out and start again – which ends up costing more than if we’d simply been able to install it correctly in the first place.

Ultimately, if things go wrong, you run the risk of voiding your insurance. Insurers usually want to go after whoever completed the installation and therefore caused the damages. If you don’t use a licensed tradesperson, who will be covered under their own insurance, you’ll run the risk of not being covered. So unless you’re prepared to pay out-of-pocket to clean up a flooded house or worse, then hire a professional.

Put simply, if a job has got anything to do with water, sewage, or electricity, don’t attempt it yourself. In the long run, it’ll cost you far less in time, frustration, and hard-earned dollars.

Zak Saboune is a licensed plumber and founder of Service Today, one of Australia’s leading emergency home service businesses, with over 180 employees in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide.

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Bingeing ‘Bridgerton’? Bring It Home With These 8 Beautifully Bougie Decor Items

Bridgerton decor


“All is fair in love and decor,” or so we keep telling ourselves, in our best Lady Whistledown voice. If you’re one of those—like this author—who mainlined Shonda Rhimes‘ new Netflix series, “Bridgerton,” chronicling the steamy love lives of a group of siblings in an alternate-universe Regency England (it’s now the streaming service’s fifth most-watched original series), you may be fantasizing about decking out your home in the show’s extravagant patterns and rich colors.

Well, while your chances of landing a duke may be farfetched, you can certainly pull off some of the show’s lush looks in a way that’s worthy of a Whistledown write-up.

Inspired by top designers (also fellow fans), here’s our list of eight absolute must-haves to make your space as swoon-worthy as a 19th-century London home—in Shondaland.

1. Sophisticated door knocker

Bridgerton decor
Bumblebee door knocker


It all starts at the front door, dear reader—which is why having a statement piece for your entryway is key.

“A fancy door knocker and a bright, modern door let guests know they are in for a sumptuous treat when being invited inside,” says Barri Branker of Beyond the Box Interiors.

Don’t miss the opportunity to make a lasting impression on your guests with this bumblebee door knocker ($69) from Etsy.

2. Drawing room settees

Anyone who wishes to be part of high society this season will understand the importance of a well-defined drawing room, with the appropriate number of settees. Not just for embroidery and light afternoon reading, these exquisite love-seat-style pieces are also the perfect place to dish the latest gossip.

Bridgerton decor
James settee

One Kings Lane

“I love a good settee—give me a plush seat by a window with a book any day,” says Stephanie Purcell of Redesigned Classics. “To me, a sitting area with a good settee brings a sense of calm, and what’s more inviting than that?”

Create your perfect gossip nook with this James settee ($2,795) from One Kings Lane.

3. Swan serving bowl

Bridgerton decor
Godinger swan centerpiece bowl


If an important dinner gathering is in your future, it should not be without a glorious centerpiece like this one.

“A swan serving bowl like this one can be used in so many applications,” says Michelle Harrison-McAllister of Michelle Harrison Design. “Float flowers like tillandsias in water, or add colorful fruit for the centerpiece of your dining or entry table.”

Pick up one of these Godinger swan centerpiece bowls ($35) from Amazon without delay.

4. Elaborate wall candelabra

Bridgerton decor
Karnak mosaic-inspired candle light


The best parties are the ones held in perfect lighting, Lady Whistledown might say, and these elaborate (and electric) wall candelabras are about as perfect as it gets—especially since you won’t risk burning your house down.

“Electric wall candelabras provide a wall with a sculptural art piece as well as mood lighting,” says Harrison-McAllister. “This is a great way to create ambiance for any room, from the entryway to the bedroom.”

Enjoy your next historic binge under the dewy glow of this Karnak mosaic-inspired candle light ($269) from Wayfair.

5. Leather lounge chair

Bridgerton decor
Watford faux leather armchair


Perfect for a little post-dinner refreshment, a leather smoking chair like this one will make a welcome addition to any man cave or fireside space—giving a vibe much like the Bridgerton brothers’ favorite club.

“A leather smoking chair is so classy,” says Purcell. “It oozes sophistication and aristocracy. These work great in a den or next to a bookshelf for that vintage library feel. I also like to use them in an office setting as they give off a polished and professional vibe.”

Shop this Watford faux leather armchair ($209) for some vegan-friendly sophistication.

6. Epic hearth mirror

Bridgerton decor
Java Flourishing accent mirror


If you don’t yet have a statement piece like this one above your home’s fireplace, then we’re here to help you change that. Less for powdering your face and more for perfecting the romantic luminescence of your living room, a gilded mirror like this one is essential for any serious Bridgertonian.

“An epic hearth mirror adds so much light while adding the illusion of space to a room,” says Purcell. “Pair it with some tall candles for even more light.”

Bring some rosy dazzle into your home with this Java Flourishing accent mirror ($329) from Wayfair.

7. Silky duvet cover

Bridgerton decor
Juhl botanical duvet cover set


While we can’t promise you’ll have the steamy love life of Daphne and Simon, a silky duvet cover is certainly still a good start to sleeping as well as any duke or duchess. One night in these botanical sateen sheets and you’ll be ready to ring the bell for tea service in the morning.

Shop this stunning Juhl botanical duvet cover set ($166) from Wayfair to fully realize your inner aristocrat.

8. A glass worth raising

Bridgerton decor
Fiore coupe glasses

Williams Sonoma

This author has been told that it’s quite impossible to toast any event of significance without the proper glassware, which is why a set of these Astoria Grand glasses ($78) are simply a must. If your idea of a drink involves more liquor (or bubbles), we recommend these Fiore coupe glasses ($59) instead.

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Design your dream living room with custom made furniture

With the living room being one of the most used rooms in the home, it’s an important space to get right when fitting it out with furniture.

Make use of every inch with good-looking custom storage

Considering how frequently it is used, when designing your living room, you should be making the best use of space. The position of windows and doors, sofa sizing, and the need for storage are all factors that can affect how well the space functions and flows.

One way to ensure your living room is both stylish and functional is with custom furniture. It’s a great solution when designing your dream living room as it has a number of benefits and there are so many different ways it can be used to upgrade your living room space.

Create a cohesive living room design

A custom furniture maker can work with you to design and build your dream furniture set that you can’t find in any shop. You can have any piece of furniture custom made to suit the style of your home, so you won’t have to spend hours trying to find that perfect piece. Also, if your living room flows on from the kitchen or dining room, you can get a seamless look by getting your furniture maker to match the finishes in those spaces to your custom living room furniture.

A custom built-in study nook

Hide ugly cables

Joinery in the living room means you can hide those unsightly cables that come from your tv, set top box, video game console or router. While all you see is a streamlined row of cabinetry, behind it, your cabinet maker can create a host of openings so you can group your cables together and feed them through. This keeps your living room free from clutter and the ugly mess of cables that can disrupt the clean look of your living room.

Cables? What cables?!

Utilise every space 

If you have an unusually shaped living room or awkward spaces that won’t fit standard pieces, custom furniture is the ideal solution to utilise that space. Install custom joinery to create a study nook in that void you can’t fill or have built-in bookshelves put under the stairs. Even if you have a standard living room shape, but it’s small, you’ll be able to design furniture that will make the most of your space, giving you a balance between storage and style – something every home needs!

Make a statement

While most living room furniture is designed around the position of the tv, why not add a custom entertainment unit or buffet, so it takes the focus away from the big black rectangle. Think shelving for beautiful decorative pieces and large, smooth countertops to create a sense of space. Using custom cabinetry means you’ll have a truly unique piece of furniture that can’t be found in the shops and there’s no better way to make a statement in your living room than with a one of a kind piece!

If you’re thinking about getting custom joinery or furniture made for your living room, remember to think about how the space will predominantly be used, what functionality you need, and how your custom pieces will fit in with the style of your home. Take those into consideration, and you’ll be sure to design the perfect living room for your home.

-Contributed by Husk&Co, specialists in the manufacture and installation of high-end custom joinery and beyond.

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Ty Pennington Returns! ‘Ty Breaker’ Reveals His New Reno Partner

Ty Breaker


Ty Pennington is back! After a long hiatus from the reality TV spotlight, the famous carpenter who hosted the original “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” has resurfaced in a new HGTV show, “Ty Breaker.”

And he has a new renovation partner, too: guest designer Alison Victoria from “Windy City Rehab.” At first, these two compete to come up with the best plan for Atlanta-based homeowner Morgan. Pennington proposes renovating Morgan’s current condo, which she shares with roommates. Yet Morgan prefers Victoria’s suggestion of starting fresh by buying a new house instead (which explains the episode’s title, “Roommates or Single Living”).

So Morgan purchases a house for $205,000, but it needs work. This is where Victoria and Pennington team up to renovate the place with Morgan’s remaining budget of $85,000. Here’s how they make Morgan’s first solo living experience special, which might inspire similar upgrades in your own abode, too.

A magnetic backsplash allows you to change up your look

If Morgan doesn’t like this backsplash, she can easily change it.


Pennington and Victoria know that Morgan wants her home to look glamorous and elegant, but they also realize that, as a younger homeowner, her style will likely change and evolve during the years she lives here. Pennington and Victoria want the design of this house to grow with Morgan and change with her tastes.

So they decorate her kitchen with a simple but stylish backsplash made of large subway tiles. The look is timeless, but if these tiles don’t work for Morgan in the future, they’re easily changeable.

“The installation’s magnetic,” Victoria explains, “so it’s supereasy to change out in 10 years. You can just take ’em down and stick new tiles onto the steel plates underneath.”

Kitchen hardware can be easily swapped out, too

The hardware Alison Victoria chooses is simple and elegant.


While the magnetic backsplash is a clever way to enable this kitchen to change with the times, Victoria points out another kitchen feature that can be easily changed as Morgan’s style evolves: the hardware.

Pennington and Victoria choose simple, industrial-style hardware for this kitchen, but acknowledge that Morgan probably won’t keep these pieces forever.

“Ten years from now, when Morgan’s sick of this, all she has to do is change out the hardware and bring in brass,” Victoria says. “If she wants to bring in chrome, if she wants to bring in purple, like, it’s up to you. This becomes like the jewelry of the kitchen.”

A ‘convertible counter’ adds a dining area in a small space

This convertible counter is a clever way to include a dining area in a small space.


Morgan’s old house didn’t have enough space for a dining table, so Pennington and Victoria want to make sure Morgan’s new home has space for formal meals. Unfortunately, the living room in the new house is still pretty tight, and with such a large kitchen, Pennington and Victoria realize that they’re going to have to get creative to find a dedicated dining space.

“What she needs is a convertible counter that, when you need it, you can flip it and do whatever and it’s there,” Pennington says. “But when you don’t need it, it’s not there.”

Ty Pennington
Ty Pennington and Victoria show Morgan how to change this custom counter extension into a table.


Pennington comes up with an idea for fitting wood boards into the peninsula, which could extend the counter space to make a table. He notes that the boards can be installed one way to make a larger table, or in a different way to provide a smaller surface, which could act as a peninsula extension.

Pennington’s convertible table is perfect for Morgan’s space, plus it complements the kitchen with wood that matches the floating shelves. It’s a beautiful, space-saving solution.

Combine your shower and tub

Before: Morgan wanted her bathroom to have a spa feel.


The house that Victoria picks out for Morgan is a big upgrade from her tiny condo, but it doesn’t have a ton of space. In fact, the master bathroom has such a small footprint that Victoria and Pennington know, right away, that they won’t be able to fit both the standing tub and the shower that Morgan wants.

However, they come up with an idea to include both the tub and shower by putting the bath under the shower head.

This bathtub/shower combo is an efficient use of space.


It gives Morgan the best of both worlds—plus, Pennington dresses up the space by using subway tile in a herringbone pattern, bringing a fun, trendy feel to the bathroom.

“It’ll add, as you say, a little bit of bling to the bathroom,” Pennington tells Victoria.

A painted mural is unique—and easy to remove

Pennington’s mural gives this room a personal touch.


Pennington and Victoria want to make sure Morgan’s new bedroom is as fun and youthful as she is, so Pennington decides to hand-paint a mural on the headboard wall.

At first, Victoria is skeptical of Pennington’s idea, but it turns out this carpenter has some serious painting skills! When she sees the soft, floral mural, she’s impressed.

“It’s feminine, it doesn’t compete with anything, and it just feels really organic,” Victoria says.

The mural is proof that just a little bit of paint and creativity can go a long way. This mural cost next to nothing to put up, and it can easily be changed. It’s a budget-friendly way to customize a room without making expensive alterations.

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A Studio Apartment in São Paulo With a Vibrant Color Palette

A Studio Apartment in São Paulo With a Vibrant Color Palette

Located in Grupo Lar’s La Vida Residencial Building in São Paulo, Brazil’s Alto da Boa Vista neighborhood, this studio apartment, designed by Todos Arquitetura de Histórias, shows creative solutions for small spaces. Spanning a mere 37 square meters (approx. 398 square feet), the layout was reorganized when walls were removed that separated the bedroom from the living room and kitchen, thereby opening the interior up to feel larger.

The new design now offers a social area where the living room, kitchen, dining space and office merge and feel cohesive. A color palette of blue, yellow and orange is paired with white walls and a terracotta tile floor that results in a vibrant aesthetic.

The office area doubles as a second bedroom with a single bed sized daybed under the window. A bookcase and desk made of yellow metal define the space while keeping sightlines open. Blue kitchen cabinets create another block of color, perfectly contrasting the bold solar yellow of the office.

A two-seater sofa backs up to the metal shelving to form the living room area. On the opposite wall under the TV, a bench by designer Humberto da Mata provides additional seating when needed.

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Before and After: A Destined-for-the-Dump Vintage Hutch Gets Respectful Refresh

This cabinet was going to be trashed until one DIYer turned it into a treasure.

It can be tough to see the potential in old furniture, especially old furniture that’s heavily damaged—but this makeover from Sharnene Jewell proves that even the roughest pieces can be transformed into something special.

Sharnene found this cabinet in a garage that was going to be demolished and saw that it was clearly handmade. “There were drawers missing and it was badly painted,” she says, adding that it looked to be made from scrap wood and shipping crates. Still, it was solid wood, and it was free, so Sharnene took it home to give it a little TLC.

Over four days, Sharnene turned the destined-for-the-dump piece into a stunner. She started by cutting down the bottom portion so that there were enough drawers to fill it. That meant she could get away with not buying or making any new drawers.

Next, Sharnene cleaned the paint off the glass portion of the cabinet and sanded all the wood pieces smooth to remove the chipping paint.

Finally, Sharnene painted the piece dark gray—a custom mix that she pulled together using leftover paints she already had at home. Then, she replaced all the old drawer knobs with vintage-style bin pulls. Total cost? Just £40.

It’s hard to believe in looking at this cabinet that it was ever destined for the dump, but Sharnene’s updates saved it—while also honoring its past.

“I love everything about it, especially the history behind it,” Sharnene says. “I would love to know something about who made it.”

“You get so much satisfaction from pieces you’ve up-cycled yourself,” she adds. “Also a different love and appreciation for older pieces than new shop-bought ones.”


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Is this the ultimate lifestyle home design?

Sponsored by Metricon

The experts say yes! Metricon’s Riviera recently won the title of Hunter Region Display Home of the Year as well as the Hunter Display Home over $500,001 category in the 2020 HIA-CSR NSW Housing Awards. And it’s not hard to see why. You certainly wouldn’t need to twist my arm to move straight into this luxurious yet laidback home with a very Aussie design to maximise our indoor/outdoor lifestyle.

The Riviera is one of Metricon’s most iconic display homes at Trinity Point, Morisset Park. It’s been been wowing visitors, many looking to move further out of Sydney due to increased flexibility around home working, since it opened earlier this year.

Carefully considered in every detail to deliver the ultimate lifestyle home, the design has seriously upped the ante for volume builders. If you have an eye for luxury design this is one show home you need to visit in person to see why Metricon is Australia’s most awarded new home builder.

With a ground floor dedicated to entertainment and lifestyle, the expansive open plan kitchen, including butler’s pantry and wet bar, that overlooks the large dining room, is situated at the heart home. Beyond the dining room is the extra large alfresco entertaining space that is separated by bi-fold sliding doors that can be completely opened to create seamless integration between the indoors and outdoors. The Rivera is designed to make the most of an indoor/outdoor lifestyle.

On the first floor there is the extravagant master suite with private balcony, ensuite and large walk-in-robe, a media room, and three other bedrooms all with their own ensuite and walk-in robes.

This smart design provides an abundance of space and options for the family to entertain large groups, along with allowing spaces for family members to retreat for private down time. It offers fabulous flexibility.

Metricon design director, Adrian Popple is especially proud of the home. He said: “For me to sit down and get creative and design something completely different was really exciting. Then to see it hit the ground and know that people are loving it, that’s what makes it all worthwhile.”

He adds: “The Riviera is really a breakthrough home, the uncontrived spaces balance spontaneity and refinement while reflecting the way modern Australian families want to live.”

Visit the Riviera at 14 Sailors Place, Morisset Park, NSW 2264, Saturday to Wednesday from 10am-to-5pm or to view Metricon’s other innovative designs, visit www.metricon.com.au.

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